Hello, my name is Trayvon

I make and design websites.

I'm a full-stack JavaScript software developer, specializing in the modern, latest, and greatest technologies.

I also write about the web and guide other developers to achieve their goals.

What I Offer?

My Services

Website Development
I provide a well-versed skill-set when it comes to website development, from translating designs to webpages, building complex user interfaces, and writing expansive logic.See my work
As a developer, learning never stops, one of the best ways to learn to is to teach. I'm patient, as well as passionate about helping developers succeed.See my testimonials
Every once awhile, you need someone to pass and bounce ideas off of and also receive some useful insights. I can be that person.See my testimonials


See what people say about me


" Trayvon is very patient, knowledgeable, understanding and was able to answer all my questions in an articulate and digestible manner. He went above and beyond not only to answer my questions but also to make sure I left the call without any more confusion. He also provided many more resources, tips, and tricks on essential software development concepts. "

Bloom CU(Ryan)

" Trayvon is a diamond in the rough on the Upwork marketplace. We have found that for every 5 hires made on Upwork, only about 1 will work out. Trayvon did a test project with us and went above and beyond on it. He's a great communicator and a skilled JavaScript developer. We are now hiring him for an important Vue project. "


" Trayvon is as excellent a programmer as he is a teacher. I could tell that he has excellent knowledge and experience in what he does. I had a problem with my website. Rather than simply help me fix it, he went ahead to teach me how to avoid or solve such problems should I ever have any. I'm grateful, and 100% recommend him. "


" I am a beginner to Javascript and Tray was a great help in learning a particular concept that I have been stuck on. He is very knowledgeable and willing to work at my pace. Highly recommend! "

Shaun Indra

" This was my first project with Trayvon - well done to him for solving it perfectly.. He came in on short notice, and worked with a somewhat informal requirement. "


" Third time working with Tray, he's been helping me tremendously with moving in the right direction for specific functionality I want to build in my app. Definitely will keep working with him in the future and recommend him to anybody wanting to develop a modern full-stack web application. "

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